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Jail House Blues: Sept 2013


D-OED Blues : A.K.A Dead Time Blues.mp3

free download:  enjoy the first recorded  song for the jail house blues


My name is Faith Nolan. For the the past six years I’ve been co-ordinating and collecting songs in my music workshops in two Ontario prisons. My new recording, a worthwhile project "I am a Prisoner", needs help to get done. As an independent singer songwriter for 30 years I spent time doing music for schools, unions, jails, countless benefits for AIDS, Homelessness, Anti-racism, etc… I have worked with Angela Davis, Odetta, Pete Seeger to name a few and been involved with music for women in jails for more than two decades. It is time to record this jailhouse music and I am asking for your help.


What is dead time?

Dead time is the time a person spends in jail before his or her bail hearing and time spent in jail after an unsuccessful bail hearing, but before a trial or sentencing hearing.

This type of jail is more accurately referred to as a pretrial custody centre. These places typically have less resources for the inmates than a prison or penitentiary, where an inmate will serve out a sentence. They are hubs, like an airport or a bus station, where people wait to figure out where they’re going next. The cells will typically be more crowded than in prisons or penitentiaries and there is little for the inmates to do. Rehabilitation programs and counselling services are non-existent or in short supply.



Faith at OFL

Music is a place of healing through the music. When women sing and write they express truth and raw emotions. This sharing helps them be present and take a break from their troubles. These songs will help heal in times of trouble.

What I’m Looking For?



That is why I am asking your help with this 12 song Cd and digital recording + songbook, T-shirt project. I’ve estimated I will need around $3.500 and raising more I will be able to continue collecting and dispersing the words of the silenced, the neglected, the abused, the not seen or heard women, who are growing in numbers on our streets. The proceeds from sales will go to creating a fund to give women housing upon release from jail. This musical voice will be heard and a few women from jail will be out of the streets and most importantly that these lives and their stories are documented artistically in their own voices.

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Of course, I wouldn't ask you to contribute without having heard a note, so I'm making a full-length preview track from the album available to download for absolutely free.

many thanks , we"lallien, Ache, to a better world


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